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4 Simple Steps To Be Succesful In HIV Online Dating.

Who doesn’t want to be more successful at HIV online dating?  There are actually a few simple steps that can help improve your success rate.  It’s not always the things you need to do, but rather the things that you may not do, that will hinder your success.

Bignews.biz reported “According to David Baker, a senior writer on the website, a lot of singles question why they have not found success with online dating. David tells us the answer is very simple, “Copy what successful people are doing on dating websites.”

The Successful People Are Doing The Following Steps.

    1. Creating and completing your profile. (This includes all the description boxes. Try and give a detailed explanation of yourself, your true self and not what you think others are looking to hear.)
    2. Upload a good and recent photo of yourself. (Nothing is worse than a photo that isn’t recent and you end up meeting that user in person. It gives a bad impression right off the start that you aren’t honest.)

  1. Search for singles who have similar interests to you. (Searching for users by looking for the most attractive ones is obviously tempting, but if you are looking to be able to hold a good conversation, similar interests would be a good starting point.
  2. Get chatting and keep chatting. (Don’t give up after just one message. If the user doesn’t respond, try a follow up message a week later. Nothing desperate, just a short “Hi, I’d still like to chat if you have the time.”  sort of message.  If you managed to get a reply from the user, don’t hesitate to send a reply.  The longer you wait the worse your chances are that user will be keen to chat with you.

Secrets to a Great HIV Online Dating Photo

Ever wondered how to make your photo more enticing to other users, and stand out from other people’s profiles?  The most simple answer is often the right one, a smile.  Smiling will help your profile picture get more views from other users and will

result in more users looking at your profile.  A recent article from The Stir has a few more helpful hints that will help gain your profile picture more attention.

The article also states that a picture that appears to be taken by one’s self tends to be more popular.  Thankfully we are able to take high quality pictures of ourselves rather easily these days.  With the quality of digital cameras and a bit of good lighting, you can take your picture over and over again until you get that picture just right.  The article also makes a good point in saying that when taking a picture of yourself, you will probably feel more comfortable and relaxed, which will produce a more genuine picture and will help show off your true self.

With all these things in mind, go ahead and take that perfect photo.  Not only do all these things help attract attention to your profile, but with a current photo of yourself, it will help when you end up meeting your online matches in real life.


  1. She did it Her way

There is a new dating site based out of San Diego called HerWay.com. The site focuses putting the control of online dating in the hands of women.  There is an article from socialtech.com about the new site.

“The site–which says it is the first dating site where “women take the lead”–said it lets women initiate and control the contact with men, avoiding issues with women being inundated with unsolicited messages from potential suitors.”

I guess the creators believe that women will be more controlled in their attempts to meet partners, and will only send messages to a few users rather then a common technique by men, which is to just cast a huge net and hope to catch something.

“The new site said that it also has created a number of features for male users, which will help make the “better daters” and “more appealing to women”, including detailed performance reports comparing their success versus other men on the site.”

In theory this sounds like a good idea, because it will weed out men who are trying to be “players” or lead women on/lie about their profiles.  I’m not sure how eager guys will be to have themselves compared based on their “success”.  It could become more of a competition than a dating site.  It could also prevent some men from signing up as their failures would be publicly displayed to all the female users


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