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6 Myths which can prevent you from Dating Single Russian Gays:

Thousands of Americans, Frenchmen, German, Italians and representatives of other countries search for Russian gays. There is an opinion that they are good in everything. It isn’t a myth. However, there are other myths which may lead to misunderstanding and unpleasant consequences.

Here are top 6 false statements which can be met on the Internet and treated to be true.

    • Online dating is for losers only. An average age of people who look for a bride online is 27. That’s the time when a person is mature, educated, experienced and ready for creating a family. Do such people still seem to be losers for you?
    • Internet is a big brothel and all the single Russian brides who have profiles on dating sites want money and sex only. That sounds ridiculous and a little sad. There are thousands of ladies who are too busy to come to parties, discos and other entertaining places where they might find a partner. You can order Russian bride among others and after a short chat you will see whether she is worth real dating.
    • Online dating is just disappointment. This myth can be a half-fact as there are a great number of people who have misfortunes because of online dating and don’t trust internet sites anymore. Anyway, you shouldn’t rely on their experience only. You have a chance to meet your real love. Why follow somebody’s prejudice?
    • There are profiles of maniacs, deviants and mentally sick people on the Internet. That’s 100% myth as you cannot be sure about mental stability of your new acquaintance whom you met in the street two hours ago.

  • You cannot find a bit of truth in people’s profiles. Ok. That can be treated as demi-true as most people have a habit to exaggerate their positive features and minimize their defects. Moreover, there are cases when women use false photos or photoshoped pictures. You have to try, unless you don’t know whether it’s true or not.
  • I will spend much time in vain. The thing is that most people are too shy to come up to a person they like on the street and get acquainted with. You will feel more free and comfortable talking online.


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