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A Safer Way To Do Online Date Upcoming

With online HIV chat sites there is always a risk of fraud or worse.  Soon there could be a safer way to date.  Marketwire.com is reporting that Wumo will soon team up with some online dating companies and social media sites to offer background checks on the sites users.

What this means for online daters is you could use the service to verify your potential matches with the service.  For us guys it would mean being assured the person we are talking to on the other end is actually a female.  For the ladies this would help reassure them they aren’t talking to a ex felon or con artist.

“If implemented, the partnership would benefit subscribers of the match making or social networking website, as consumers would have the option to pursue relationships with users who have been, or can be verified by Wumo’s professional international background checks. Consumers would be able to use the site with confidence, and with decreased risk from fraud, scam and identity theft. The online dating or social networking site would benefit through increased subscription rates, higher confidence levels, and lower incidence of fraud.”

Although this feature may make some users a bit wary, it will be for the better good of the majority of users.  First meet ups can be nerve-wracking at the best of times.  With the added assurance of knowing someone has be verified by a professional background check, you can go in to the first meet up with a little bit more confidence that the person you were talking to, is the person you will meet in real life.

The details of how this would work, what it would cost, and what sites will use this feature is still undetermined, but I’m sure once it is implemented things will start feeling a lot safer.


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