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Choose Your Profile Picture, An Important Step!

No matter what you think, choosing your profile picture on a dating site is the most important step. Here are my tips on this topic a little tricky!

Unlike what we can hear, the choice of his profile picture on a dating site can quickly become a true obstacle course. Whether you believe me or not, 80% of your probabilities are based on this best picture.

This is the first news that members of dating sites on the internet see, so this photo must be ideal! So I will bring you my tiny tips in order to choose or make the ideal photo!

The Missteps To Avoid

For my first little tip I suggest you do not choose a photo too old. It must be said each time that if you have the person in real life, it may be disappointed because you do not look like the picture! Of course, if you added a picture that dates from 3 years ago, you probably have evolved!

As a second tip, pay attention to the quality of your photo. Avoid vague, poor quality photographs or simply rutted. Even though they may be original you have to be able to see what you look like.

In third advice, favor photographs where you are alone! There is already a lot of competition on dating sites on the internet, so do not add! I have had several times to see photographs and tell me waw what a beautiful kid when in fact the person I was chatting with was the second person in the photo.

In fourth and last thing, avoid unnecessary poses. The duck face was in fashion a while ago, it is not necessary that we continue! Also beware of the small details, a photo in your toilet in addition to being easily identifiable does not highlight! Just like men, omit photos on your beautiful box. You do not want to see your cash!


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