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Dating Advice From HIV Men – How To Know If I’m Into You

We guys can be a difficult bunch to peg sometimes. Obviously men and women speak different languages at times. And you know what the people with HIV or any type of STD will be in pain thinking about their situation. They always long for affection and care, many has developed and make use of the HIV dating sites and they start their dating. But there are problems that causes mis-understanding among women men. Here are few tips from HIV men what they expect. Just as much as you wonder how much we like you, we are often left feeling the same.

But over the years I have come to the conclusion that the deciding factor is attention.

By attention I don’t mean what happens on a date. Even if I am out with a woman who doesn’t overly spark my interest I am still looking to have fun. With only so much free time there is no need to not have an enjoyable date even if she isn’t Miss Right.

Good conversation and doing something fun can just be enough. I will try and be charming and funny because that is me, but I would say you cannot always read too much into that.

The true ‘attention’ factor comes into play outside of the date. Am I still that interested in you when you aren’t there? Do I sit around thinking about you, not because I am bored, but because I am in that silly puppy dog phase of curiosity?

I will send cute text messages or call just to talk if our schedules don’t mesh well for more interaction. Or I will have quickly asked for that next date and be planning something fun. Sometimes it is just a simple ‘meeting for coffee’ because I want to see you, even for only a few minutes.

I guess there is nothing eye opening in that. It is just the difference of my thinking about a woman like someone who will be a friend or someone that I am eager to earn attention from. I know that when a woman has captured my attention I sometimes become lost thinking about her.

That is madly distracting but at the same times lets me know that she is interesting to me and there is a connection, at least for me, that is worth pursuing. But if my interactions are more in response then that same level of interest is not there. While she may be a wonderful person with great qualities, if that mysterious “it” factor is missing I don’t doggedly pursue her.


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