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Dating Tips For HIV Single Parents Raising Kids On Their Own

Are you a single HIV parent? Have you been bringing up your children on your own for the past couple of years? If that is the case, parenting must have been hard on you and you must be thinking of having someone, a mate who could be there with you through thick and thin. However, if you sustain on an average job and have to bring up your kids, you might not have enough time to look out for someone suitable for a date.

Being a parent means loads of responsibilities. Your most important concerns are your kids and their necessities. You give up your choice for amenities to make sure your children are happy. Even if you find yourself attracted to someone, you may not have the guts to start a relationship, fearing that it would make you less responsible to your kids. Not just that, financial factors also crop up. When you are out on a date, you should be prepared to loosen your wallet. And if you don’t earn a handsome amount, raising kids and spending on dating at the same time can be a difficult feat for you. So does that mean single parents raising kids should give up the idea of dating? Certainly not! If you are in a quandary whether to start dating or not, I say you should and here are some tips that you should consider.

Look for someone who is in a similar position as you. If you are a single mother, you had better start looking for single dads bringing up kids on their own.

Tell your friends that you are looking for someone to date. If you hadn’t had the time for that, your friends can help you find one.

Join free online HIV dating sites. Most of the online dating sites accept standard users free of charge. Not just that, there are also some websites that are free for all.

Limit first dates to coffee or a light brunch.

Find restaurants that are decent and cheap serving good tasty meal. Ask your friends or look for them on the internet. Find a place where you can have a meal for two for less than $50.

Remember that you are sustaining on a fixed income and have to bring up your kids as well. Think twice before you go on a shopping spree or something with your new date.

Find someone who can understand your situation well.

Know the person well before going into a deeper relationship. Make them aware of your situation and see if they can adapt to it. The key is to be truthful to your potential partner and you won’t look like a cheapskate.


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