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Gay dating: Tips For Your First Meeting
  1. Choice of the place for the meeting.

It is very important to choose a place that is both quiet and neutral outside your home, your apartment and especially noisy places such as Bars. Thus, you will be able to communicate more easily and in territory that neither you nor it know.

2.Concentration on your partner

Since this is a new opportunity or opportunity to unite with the other, avoid all that could distract you. Tell him directly everything you have to say and of course, listen to everything your partner has to tell you too. It is very important to empty your bag from the beginning in order to evacuate any possible tensions that a new encounter provides. You will have everything to gain .. In any case, you are more likely to lose to stay in your carapace. After all, we have only one Life, so much to enjoy, and “when will we say” has no place in a relationship.

  1. Find the right balance in the conversation.

Do not monopolize the entire meeting with your own conversations. You are not at a job interview. Find the right balance between Him and you. It’s important not to be too invasive.

4- The present is the present

Absolutely avoid discussing ex-friends or all the stories of the past. Believe me, he does not want to hear from him about your first meeting. Try to focus on common interests and points of view.

5- The positive attitude

First impressions are by far the most important. If you use all negative or rigid behavior, do you think he will be interested in you?

  1. Take time.

Taking time in your meeting is important. Try to see what your partner’s expectations are. Express relationship, short, for the long term. I clearly admit that this is a delicate question as it is difficult to really know what the other person really wants.

  1. Uneven attraction.

Be honest with yourself. Often the level of attraction is not equal. If you feel that your attraction towards him is not really at the rendezvous, do not try to force the question. Let him go to another meeting without insisting

And if you are the person who is less interested, let him immediately know tactfully and without being hurtful. It’s useless to be hurtful for free. He asked nothing, and put yourself in his place. Not easy to see one or more refusals. This can be difficult for many of us. Do not leave it in a vacuum or doubt.

  1. Follow and respect .

The phone calls and the lack of following is the real hindrance. We probably been on both sides of this issue. She is really simple. Have enough respect for each other so you can be there whenever you need to and communicate. It’s the one and only way to evolve and advance all relationships, whether friendly or otherwise


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