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HIV Dating

The idea of dating is usually associated with two persons going out together to know each other with the hopes of being intimate not only physically but also emotionally. Dating would require the other party to show interest which will be reciprocated by the other party. Their initial attraction would give each person enough courage to agree to go out in a date. There is practically no age limit when it comes to the idea of “date”. Even kids now have play dates wherein parents set up a time and date so that their kids would meet and play.

That is why the idea of “HIV dating” has increasingly become popular to singles (and sometimes couples). This type of dating is not just a date with emotional attraction in mind but an attraction which hopefully ends with physical intimacy. This type of dating is between consenting adults wherein they get to know each other a little bit and start their physical intimacy soon. Sometimes, the intimacy would end after the sexual encounter or if both parties feel great, they would continue meeting. This type of dating, as we have already indicated is not even restricted to two single consenting adults alone. There are also couples who wish to have more than one-one-one sexual experience. A couple could be with another male or a female or another couple who wants to experience the same type of physical intimacy.

HIV dating is basically a date between adults wherein they could end up being physically intimate with each other. It’s a type of dating that focuses on physical intimacy instead of creating an emotional bond with another person.

Online Trend of HIV dating

Before the popularity of the internet, HIV dating is closely associated with “free love” and “swinging”. These interactions happen in certain areas known for single persons and couples who are looking for physical intimacy.

When the internet became a major medium of communication, meeting another person for physical intimacy is not only limited to certain areas in major cities. A person in New York could virtually meet a person in California in real time. There are now chat rooms and social websites dedicated in letting adults meet online and gauge if the person they want to meet is compatible to their preferences. Through these websites pictures are posted, profiles are created and videos are even made so that adults could know more about the person they want to meet. Membership to these chat rooms and websites often has a monthly fee for site maintenance and membership security. Through credit card payments, a person’s true identity is verified. This will prevent scams or even physical abuse.

Although places for “swingers” and persons who are looking for a purely adult themed dating exists, the first step in meeting people in these places are now online. By using the internet, meeting other people has become faster without even having to spend too much except for the membership fees and internet connection.


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