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HIV Online Dating Websites Go Offline

HIV Online dating is a huge business that caters to millions of users worldwide. HIV Online dating services have helped people find their right partner for many years now. However, with the ever mushrooming dating sites, some bigger ones have taken a somewhat classical approach to match making.

Many Top Notch HIV dating sites are entering the trend of organizing gatherings and events to bring like minded people together. These can be in the form of parties, beer fests or something similar. Big players in the online dating sphere like Ok Cupid, Match etc. organize such events from time to time. Such events are very effective as you could just find a person of your type, saving yourself countless hours spent emailing.

There are chances that you wouldn’t be intrigued by someone you met online but would find them interesting upon meeting in person. There’s no denying to the fact that a real world dating is a more effective than dating in the virtual world of internet. Offline dating helps identify a potential partner more quickly and gives the either partner a great chance to impress the other.

You must be wondering if offline dating is so effective, why should you sign up for online dating sites. Its because the technology behind online dating makes it easy to filter out duds to bring together friendly people seeking romance.

Online dating is based on sophisticated algorithms that help you find potential partners from a list of millions. Judging the other person is based on your perception of their likes, hobbies, writing styles, interests etc. But simply based on these, one cannot assess anyone’s overall personality and to fill in the gaps, an offline date is a must. So even though online dating has made things easier, it isn’t the real dating and just paves way for offline dating.

Online dating sites offer offline events to their members for a certain fee. Most of the events take forms of parties held in bars or restaurants. Some other types of such events are group hiking, bowling etc. Match.com is one of the pioneers of these practices and in the recent years, many have followed suit. OKCupid.com, an individually operating subsidiary of Match.com is also popularly known for holding such events. Besides these, smaller services like MeetMoi, And Nerve etc. are also effectively participating in conducting offline events for their members.

Psychologists argue that the effectiveness of match making algorithms that run on sites like Match.com or OKCupid.com aren’t on par with the primitive methods when it comes to finding the right partner. Although these sites provide impressive stats on people seeking partners, they don’t succeed all the time at making good suggestions on suitable partners. However, established as well as budding dating sites haven’t paid heed to such studies but are instead worried about some new online dating websites that don’t simply rely on such algorithms and have taken innovative approaches to online dating.

The trend of online dating services organizing offline events is clear sign that the users to these sites are dwindling. Evidently, some web analytics companies have given data showing how the traffic across the major dating sites has dropped in the recent years. However, not all dating sites have taken the offline approach. EHarmony, a still popular dating site says that they have no interest in going offline but are focusing more on growing their online reach.

Online dating sites have helped millions of people to find their perfect match. We cannot simply overlook their merits but should also understand that the goal of all online dating sites is to help people meet offline, in the real world.


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