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Love Has No Limits- Dating Through STD Online Dating

Love knows no bounds…or at least attraction for the first time. Today’s generation has already moved forward and regarded attraction as something that could happen in any place, any time and with any person. Attraction doesn’t care on what race you are or what belief you have. You can be someone who is even having STD friends. As long as the person is open to the concept of attraction that knows no bounds, attraction could come a very long way.

As attraction would transcend any belief, cultural background and race, it is important to realize that this concept is not welcomed by everyone. Although most of us are already accustomed to the fact that a Caucasian could fall in love or be attracted to an African American and the other way around, there are those that frown to this concept. In fact, there are people who say they are ok with that type of relationship but when that happens in their family, they vehemently oppose the relationship. This is not only happening for Caucasians but also in African Americans. There are those that oppose the relationship, not only to a certain race but also to other race.

That is why these dating tips are written. Its aim is to educate not only those that are dating with an African American or an African American dating a Caucasian but also with other races as well.

Be Prepared for Stereotyping

When you are physically or emotionally attracted to an African American or to those that are of different race, anticipate different reactions from your circle from friends and families. Some of them will not really care, some will approve, while there

are a small group of friends who may not explicitly say it but they are not at ease with the relationship. You’ll probably receive cold shoulders if you wanted to continue your relationship. Although it’s heartbreaking, you have to live with the fact that it would happen.

Although we do not want to label anyone, the usual persons who would stereotype race and would react to this type of relationship are the elders of the community. As a single person who has experienced freedom of choice in any way, you will have to acknowledge that fact. It’s not their fault since their upbringing is a lot different than what we have today. Fortunately, most of the elders today are not showing their opposition but would only be cold on your enthusiasm to be in a great relationship.

Seeking Help

Unfortunately, there are those that didn’t just show their lack of interest of your new relationship but would vehemently prohibit you from this type of relationship. At this day and age, this behavior is rare but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. When this happens, you and your family have a great problem with race. This behavior also happens in minorities as some would prefer to be in a relationship exclusively in the same race. Talking about race is a very sensitive topic and there are persons who can get easily affected even though they try so much to overcome stereotyping.

When this happens, the first thing you should do is to seek help. This is often disregarded when the relationship is deemed as temporary or if the relationship has ended. But even if the relationship is just short lived, help should be sought anyway. The fact that you are not dating anymore doesn’t diminish the fact that some members of your family has a problem with race. Those that have a problem might be a little bit hesitant at first but they know that they have a problem so they have to do something about it as soon as possible.

Dating with the Same Race

If you are both of the same race; the problem of race is diminished and you can move on to establishing a personal relationship. Never, in any way, pretend on who you really are. If your goal is to establish a good relationship, you have to know as soon as possible if you are compatible with your date. Sure, there is already the physical attraction but everyone knows that this is not just the basis for a lasting relationship or even just for a short lived friendship.

But that doesn’t mean you have to show your rowdy side in the first date. You have to be at your best without really pretending who you really are. Your best behavior could get you a lot of friends and the approval that you need from your date. You slowly reveal yourself starting with the best thing about you. Of course your date will always expect that there are flaws that

he or she might not like, but you have to show extra effort in being a gentleman or a lady for the evening. It’s just common courtesy to be polite in the first date as you slowly reveal yourself to your date.

Acknowledge the Difference in Personality

The last thing that anyone should think when they are seeking for companionship or to develop a personal relationship is the physical appearance of the person. Although everything starts with physical attraction, it doesn’t end there. Those who are seeking more than just physical intimacy should not only judge the person by its physical appearance but also in their personality.

Perfection should not be sought either. Everyone has their dream girl or boy but it’s a very rare occasion that this would come into a reality. If everyone insists to find their dream partner, no one will end up married or having a relationship even for a short time. Everyone has inadequacies. But instead of seeing it as a disadvantage, it should be seen as the spice of life. These inadequacies are, in fact, part of the reason why we are attracted to that person. No one is perfect but everyone has something to give. Race should never be an issue as love and attraction knows no bounds. When you are attracted to a person, you really don’t see race but an attraction that might end up with something very special.


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