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Online Dating Sites: Scientists Reveal Site Matches Don’t Work

Finally, scientists have done the research to prove what many dating experts already know in our guts – those matching dating sites don’t work! A post on the CBS News site, talks about a soon to be published study in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, experts from four universities collaborated to review reports from over 400 psychological studies and surveys.

What did they find? In my words, matching algorithms are nonsense! That’s been my war cry all long. First of all, the dating sites don’t adhere to scientific standards and their matching procedures are very limited.

The article mentioned eHarmony, OKCupid and Chemistry. Perhaps the full report in the upcoming magazine will also mentioned  PerfectMatch and others as well. Personally, I would target eHarmony whose extensive questionnaire is not favored by men. My dating coaching clients complained bitterly over the years that this site sends matches from beyond their geographic limits with few similarities. If I had to venture a guess, it’s because very few men will fill out that ridiculous list of questions, particularly men over 40.

That’s why I always recommend that men register on eHarmony – they‘ll have more matches than they can imagine with so little competition on that site.

The post goes on to say how the online dating industry has ignored actual relationship science, preferring to rely on buzzwords that sound scientific like “matching algorithms”. Ouch, folks in the boardrooms from these sites must be wincing.

Many online dating sites do have their own scientist. For example Dr. Helen Fisher from Rutgers University for Chemistry.com who is a highly respected anthropologist. Perhaps site owners simply succumb to what’s best for marketing rather than for matching. Or they don’t want to invest what would be needed to make it work. It’s hard to say.

However, this is a very important point. This new study is about how online matching doesn’t really work. The dating sites overall do work. After all, Match.com claims strong statistics: 20% of all relationships start online as do 12% of marriages. How many couples do you know who met online? I know tons!

Please don’t abandon online dating. There is no question this is a vehicle that’s here to stay and a wonderful method to meet people you would never meet any other way. But make your matches the old fashioned way – by selecting the people you would like to date and hoping they want to date you as well.

By relying on your own instincts to find dates, you have a very good chance of making a good gay match. There are many websites and gay chat rooms available where you can get registered and find the gay single you are interested to continue the relationship from the gay dating sites.


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