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Precautions in HIV dating

HIV dating is often regarded as a meeting between adults for sexual intimacy. But this is never an absolute rule. Either party could always say no when they feel uneasy the first time they meet the person they are about to go out with. Since most persons who are willing to meet for an HIV date find their dates online, there are certain precautions they have to do since they do not know who that person really is.

The most important consideration every adult should think of when dating is protection. Although we like the person, that attraction should not be the basis to go on sexual intimacy unprotected. No one knows the number of partners that person went through and if he or she had used protection for physical intimacy. This will protect you and your (you might be the carrier) partner from spreading the disease.

The next precaution for HIV dating is the rules during sexual encounter. This often happens for couples who are planning to have intimacy with another adult. Although it’s already a give fact that sexual intimacy would happen, there are certain rules that should be followed or boundaries that should not be crossed.

When a person is single and you are meeting him or her without any companion, it’s best to inform a friend regarding the encounter. You should provide your close friend with the name, address and phone number so that your friend will know where the person resides for that moment. The information that you will give to your friend will be provided by your date without any question since he or she may be doing the same thing.

HIV dating is an Experience of a Lifetime

Not everyone is ok with the idea of “HIV dating” being limited to consenting adults that ends up in physical intimacy. There are others though who are sexually active and would like to experience their sexuality better. There is always a chance to meet people and get to know them better compared to simple factual information. Having fun has never been better to those who are experiencing HIV dating to its full extent. They just have to be protected all the time to avoid complications from these experiences.

On the other hand, simple or traditional HIV dating is not bad at all. There are people who prefer to get to know the person more in terms of their beliefs and know more their characters before they become intimate. HIV dating is also a chance for those who wanted to find their long term partner. There are times that HIV dating between persons is a very long process since it would still take a few dates before intimacy happens. But physical intimacy is often regarded as a turning point for adults who are attracted to each other. Through HIV dating, they will know each other more than just simple factual information and grow accustomed to each other which might lead to more than just dating.


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