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Single HIV Women Dating Advice

Giving out advice on dating and relationships is one of my major interests in life especially for the one who is affected by HIV or any STD and because of this, I am often sought out by those that know me to dispense some advice on the topic from time to time. And because of this, I get insights into what their situation is like, and I can usually give them a point in the right direction. Recently I had a meet with a girl affected by HIV and here is the incident for you, Kufina, wanted to get some pointers on what the best way to meet men really was. See, she was having a difficult time and wanted to get this taken care of right away.

Too many of the men she had met had issues that did not seem to lend themselves to having a qualified relationship, and this is something that was causing her a great deal of pain. Some of them were still living at home with their parents, some of them did not have the ability to take care of their responsibilities and some just seemed to want to play the field and have some fun when she wanted things to be a little more serious. Even the good guys seemed to be giving her some pain, as she found most of them to be trite and boring at best.

So, of course she looked to me to give her some advice and to be honest, I was more than glad to help. I mean, I can totally related to being in this kind of situation, as there have been times in my life where it seems like attracting the right guy just was not happening no matter how hard I tried. So, I asked her a question that really took her by surprise. And that question was this: What do you want to obtain from a relationship with a man?

This made her sit still and reflect on things for a moment. Then she reached for an answer, but it was not one that really explained anything at all. She did not know what she really wanted out of a relationship with a man.

A light bulb moment happened and that’s when I pointed out that not knowing what you want out of a relationship is the ONE THING that any woman can change right now and yield very different results than what they have been. Knowing what you want is one of the most important things that a woman can identify if she wants to have any success when it comes to dating

and relationships. If you don’t know what kind of man you want to date, you will end up dating any kind of man. Even the losers.

Want to know why?

You need to have a clear goal in mind. Even though lot of women do not think of it as such, wanting to have a wondeful relationship is just a goal and like any other, it is much easier to reach when you know what it is you are reaching for. If you do not have a clue as to what kind of man you want to attract, chances are good that this confusion is going to lead to some pretty poor choices. You do NOT want that to happen, do you? Debra could see what her problem had been for all this time and I am happy to say that she worked on identifying what she really wanted. And it did not take long for her to find that this one change, the change to identify what she wanted was more than enough to change her dating life forever. Now, she is happily involved with a good man who has everything in order and treats her just right. Not too bad, huh?

This is something that every woman needs to know. If you are attracting the wrong guys all of the time, then you need to sit down and identify what you REALLY want in a relationship. What kind of guy are you really looking for?


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