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The Best Photo For Your Profile On Dating Sites

In an ideal world, no one would look at your picture first, judging you, for some even noting you, even mocking. Yes, you should expect this when you take the plunge and you register on a dating site for HIV people where you can find people with the same disorder . But I think you are lucid enough to ignore the particularities of the web. Yes, in an ideal world, self-description would suffice, so you could write tons of sentences about yourself and be definitely boring to read.

Well, I stop my delirium, we must focus on your profile picture, here are the tips.

Make a complete selfie of your body

A site of 4000 users was tested to see which techniques attracted the most users. They found that users with a picture of their body from head to toe had better results. On the other hand, including friends or your pet in the photo is bad for the final result. Another interesting fact, women who took their picture outdoors have less good results.

Show your best profile

If you do not know your best profile, know that there is a good chance that it is the left, the magazine “Experimental Brain Research” revealed that the pictures showing the left side were more successful than those showing the right side. Do not hesitate to tilt your head in this direction when you take your picture.

Opt for natural light

Sunlight is ideal but it is not always possible that it is present in your sky when you want to take your selfie. By the way the best times to have optimal sunlight is after sunrise and at sunset. If on the other hand the sun is little violent, opt for a place in the shade.

If you are indoors, try by all means to avoid the use of flash that is not often flattering …

Think about creativity

Do not hesitate to give movement to your photo, you do not have to pose as a model, be nature and dare a little madness. The important thing is that we see you well. If you think that globally you are not “bankable”, say that unconsciously the person who will look at your photo, will give you some credit. You will pass as someone who assumes and who does not lie. And that’s a very positive point.


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