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Tips for Gay Dating

Whether you are gay, bisexual or bicurious, accepting a first date is always intimidating and even more so if you have just accepted your sexual orientation.

How to dress? Go where ? What to say and not to say? Certainly, do not forget to stay yourself and be relaxed. Here are some tips for making this first appointment a success.

  1. The place, the place, the place!

It is necessary to choose the place of a first gay meeting . Meet in a neutral place, not too far from your home. It is better to stay in a neighborhood that is familiar to us. Choose a place that is not too noisy, a quiet bar where you can communicate and be heard.

  1. Concentrate my dear!

It can become stressful. Listen carefully to what the other person wants to tell you, it will help you to establish a relationship more easily and you will gradually forget your shyness.

  1. Give and receive

Join the conversation, ask any questions you want. Feel free to talk about yourself while remaining courteous and listening to others.

  1. Leave in the past, what belongs to the past

Do not dwell on the past and do not talk about your past relationships. The first appointment is a new chapter in your life. Be optimistic, confident, stick to the present and the future. Demonstrate that you are not dragging a heavy history of unresolved problems or complexes.

  1. Be radiant and positive

There is nothing like a positive and optimistic person, it shows a certain assurance and adds something charming and seductive.

  1. Skip the fence or not?

For you to choose, however, it has been shown time and time again that the “one night stand” is in most cases without a future. If that’s what you’re looking for, no problem! Otherwise, it is better to encourage other encounters, other  conversations, and postpone relationships. This will indicate that you have a genuine interest in the person and wish you to continue the relationship.

  1. It is not necessary to go too fast, too soon

Take time to breathe and see if you are comfortable together, otherwise you risk running away from your friend if he is not ready to engage in a long-term relationship.

    1. Honesty will make you your freedom

It does not give you anything to beat around the bush. If you feel that you do not receive the attention you deserve, say so. If the affection is not reciprocal, forget this and stay open to new encounters.


One of the most important points is to treat the other with the same respect as you want to be testified to. This gives nothing to amuse yourself at the expense of the other, to return phone calls if you are not interested. Have the decency to assert yourself and not to drag the other into a carousel of uncertainty.

Meeting a new person is never easy and it’s even more intimidating if it’s a first “date”. If you are very shy, have you tried webcam dating? Dating sites like Jmec or Mytilene offer this possibility and can be an interesting alternative.


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