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Tips For Men

There are many dating sites that are available out there where you can find your best partner for date. Selecting the dating site is the first thing you have to do for dating.  If you are a HIV positive there are free hiv positive dating sites through which you can filter out the result. Here I have included few tips men can do in dating.

Do woman really care about facial hair?

Most of the women that I speak with have no big issue with facial hair.  If they like you and are attracted to you it probably has to do with the way you “wear” your facial hair- not so much if you have it or not (same with your hair up top!).  Since men don’t have quite as many options as women for hairstyles, facial hair is something you can play around with and doesn’t take too long to change.  From the goatee to the pork chop you have a myriad of looks!

For a first date, stick with what you normally do.  After all, you are getting to know someone based on first impression.  After a few dates, you can ask her opinion.

What I have found hands down most important is the grooming of the facial hair.  Don’t have five day old stubble, or long coarse wiry hairs sticking out.  Keep your manscaping manicured!  Get rid of ear and nose hairs or you could find your date staring at your sniffer.  Don’t forget your eyebrows too!  To trim them, take a comb and comb them straight up.  Take a pair of scissors and trim the hairs that rise above the surface of the eyebrow.  Taking an interest in ones appearance is never a bad trait!  She will be excited to know that you won’t be letting things head south after a few dates

Does a woman find lots of cologne attractive?

No!  Well, the key word here is “lots.”  DO wear cologne, but don’t slather yourself in it.  A man should smell nice when you hug him or get close to him- but we don’t want to smell you from across the room. If a woman finds you attractive she will want to get close enough to smell you.  If she smells you from across the table, she will perceive you as trying too hard.  Even if she finds you attractive, she will avoid getting too close if she finds your cologne offensive or stinky.

Mist a little cologne on your neck and around the collar of your shirt.  Fragrances hold a little longer on fabric than on skin.  Nothing makes a girl miss you more than the soft smell of your scent on your t-shirt.  So don’t over bear your natural smell- just enhance it.

Also, if you smoke, or had onions for dinner don’t try to cancel it out with cologne.  Some gum and hand sanitizer go along way.  Make her want to get close, and ask, “What are you wearing?!”

How can I make a great first impression with out over doing it? 

This is a great question for men because a woman can easily sense when a man is trying too hard with his wardrobe. Try a fitted dress shirt with jeans or a nice pair of slacks.  The cut for slacks right now is flat front (no pleats) and fitted and tapered to the body. Pants right now should end right about the shoelace of your shoe.  Pair this with a great belt and a nice fitted sweater and your good to go.  You should update your ties, belts, and jeans every year or so because the cuts change so often.

You don’t have to be a slave to fashion but what you wear and how you present yourself says a lot about who you are.  Baggie pants and t-shirts the size of tents just say, “I really don’t give a crap.”  Irresistible is the man who puts in the effort to let others know that he’s relevant, he cares about what he looks like, always smells nice and looks to make a good impression on others around him.  Your style is powerful.  A put together man garners respect and a sense of high esteem.


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