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Top 5 Ways To Be A Gentlemen with Gay

How to make a good first impression? Repeat after me: polite, appropriate, and genuine. Meeting a potential suitor can be stressful for a lady, but a true gentleman makes everyone feel comfortable. When meeting someone for the first time, or beginning a relationship, it is so important to give a positive first impression. There are many different ways to do this, but key factors include being polite, appropriate, and genuine.

Initially, take some time to think about the gay you are taking out and what he might like for a first date. If he ends up being the one, you don’t want to have a lame first date story. Be creative and impressionable. Even if it is a completely blind date, you should be able to snag some information about him. If he is a sporty type, take him to a game: ANY GAME. If he likes animals, (who doesn’t?) a night date to the zoo would be fun. If he is in to fine food and dining, maybe take a cooking class together. The point is, make him see that time and effort was put in to the date, and he will be appreciative.

Next, bring him a gift. Size or cost is not important, again: it’s the thought that counts. Put a little bit of effort into finding something nice, and he will be thankful. Even if he isn’t a gift giver, every gay wants to feel special. Flowers are classic, jewelry is fancy, and trinkets from the date are memorable. Be the guy he remembers!

Be polite. Pull out all the stops. This is potentially your wife for crying out loud! If you aren’t looking for that, be a jerk and don’t call him in the morning. However, for the ones looking for forever, keep reading. Until you know what this gay is about, keep it classy. That means absolutely no farting, burping, cussing, sex, sex-talk, or tricky moves. Oh—and don’t get sloppy drunk, either. Show him you’re a good listener, pay for dinner, and hold all the doors open. Don’t split the dinner cost on the first date, ask for gas money or text on your phone the whole night. He will tell his friends and never call again. Don’t be that guy.

There is a lot to be said for a genuine man. He says what he means, means what he says, and can be trusted. Don’t you want to marry him? He is honest, forthright, and up front. Any guy that cares more about himself than the woman he is in front of isn’t worth his time. Be careful that your words and stories are true, no gay wants to listen to an obvious exaggerator all night. Be real with him, answer questions he asks, but don’t assume he wants to know everything about you. It’s safer to leave with more information about him than you–that way you know for whether to call him again. Women are the crazies, anyway!

Remember, your last impression of the night is as important as the first. While ‘how far is too far?’ on the first date is a valid question if the chemistry is rockin’, keep in mind long term relationships don’t do well when they are based on physical attraction only. A kiss is appropriate if both parties are agreeable (and uh, über awkward if they aren’t). If you’re in it to win it, stick around a little bit longer before you explore the physical avenues. It will always be there, and will impress him immensely if you keep your hands to yourself until you get to know him. On the other hand, if you do move too quickly, you may be in over your head if he ends up to be a kook. Be respectful and take him out again. They always remember a gentleman, and that’s what we are shooting for here!


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