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What To Wear On Your First Date

Worried finding your first date thinking negative about yourself..Don’t be so reserved..What do you think having HIV will separate you from others, no not actually..there is a good news for you there are free hiv poz dating sites through which you can get your partner. Once your date is ready the next thing would about how presentable you are in your first date.

Worried about what to wear? Good news–you’re not alone. 9.5/10 people are concerned about their attire on the first date. Well, obviously that statistic is made up, but has to be pretty close. In all honesty though, that is the most often asked question we get here. Everyone wants to make a good first impression at a dating party. If you’re hoping to meet Mr. Right or at least Mr. Right Now, and need help with your outfit:

Let’s cover the basics first. Ultimately we’re shooting for a nice outfit (think more fun than a job interview, less formal than a funeral, and fancier than a movie with mom), complimented with a little bit of time on the face and preferably a favorable scent to complete the package.

Ladies: If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, shoot a little higher tonight. Go for the dark jeans and heels, with a saucy top and some earrings. Keep in mind your outfit and smile are the first thing people will notice about you, whether you want them to or not. Focus on the assets you want people to notice. If dresses are more your style, opt for something with decent coverage, (consider the level of awkwardness with a man you have no interest in staring at the twins for two solid minutes) and a fancy wedge or heel. You may want to bring a light sweater in case the venue is chilly. And if you fall in between a dress and college t-shirt wearer, go for a casual and fun look. A pencil skirt or dress pants paired with an appealing top are always classy. As far as makeup and hair go, don’t overdo it. Choose for your normal blend, with a little more glamour. Just take your time!

Men: If you live in college tees, go for your team logo on a nice polo tonight. Jeans or slacks with a belt and dress shoes add major hotness. If you are a tie wearer, you might opt out for this date. Think approachable, not boss man, and sophisticated not frat boy. Generally, shorts and sandals may be underdressed for this type of event, so leave them in the closet. Short sleeve or long sleeve won’t make a difference, just make sure it flatters your body and isn’t wrinkled. Shower, and shave if you do, trim up your facial hair if you have it, and pay attention to whatever is on your head (brush, gel, spike, etc). Put a little bit of lotion on any dry skin, and take care of the unibrow. A dab of cologne is also a great touch.

At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable enough in the outfit you pick so you can communicate your personality to the people you are meeting. Dress to impress, but stray away from the shock factor. And remember, this night is all about you and having fun! So don’t stress about your clothes. There are way more things to be worried about like spilling a drink, falling down or having food in your teeth.


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